Car Exporting to Doha

Exporting Cars from Dubai to Varies destination is a common trade in Dubai.

Shipping cars is a big process and to make the process simple it is very vital to know the procedures and documents needed before shipping cars from Dubai United Arab Emirates to other parts of the world.

Whether you have a car on your name or you buy a car from the show room as new or pre-owned car the procedures and documents will be almost same.

  1. You need to inform the authorities that you are exporting your car
  2. If there is any bank finance or any hypothecation is on the car, need to be settled beforehand
  3. The Registration card and the car to be taken to the RTA (Road Transport Authority)
  4. You will get a certificate of the car
  5. The existing number plates will be exchanged with “EXPORT” number plates
  6. For that you need to give the shipping companies name to the RTA

Rest of the procedures can be executed by a shipping company


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